Competition prep | Am I really doing this?

On this day a Queen was born

Today is my 28th birthday!
I love being the birthday girl, even though I rarely plan anything special. It’s just a nice day where I feel extra loved. Usually I just do something chill with friends or family.

Today I woke up at 7 AM to do 50 minutes of cardio before work. Then I had clients, another gym session (abs, chest & calfs) followed by a meeting and more clients. And after aaaallll the business, the fun began!


My friend Farhad’s birthday is the same day as mine, so to celebrate, we went to Cove Beach with some friends.
It’s a really nice beach club with a great view of the ocean and iconic Burj al Arab. It was a bit cold so after a while we moved inside. We had some great food and a chilled out evening that ended with birthday song and cakes! Yay!

I’ve been intentionally eating less than what was on my diet plan for the past 2 days, so I had 2000 calories to spend today. For breakfast I had a smootie (357 cals) and then nothing else before I went to the club. I chose a waguy burger and fries (y’all know how much I love burgers and this might be the last one in months!) plus had a few bites of the other food that was served. And about half of my little birthday cake. I could not NOT have some haha :)

I didn’t count the exact calories but I’m pretty sure I was below og right around 2000 calories in total as all the portions and bites were quite small.


And don’t worry, tomorrow I’ll be back on my regular diet ;)


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