My booty workout (full break down & video!)

Lunch in City Walk…

I’m on prep for my competition, but I still enjoy going out to eat in Dubai. Health and fitness doesn’t have to be boring and one of my favorite things to do is going out for lunch or dinner. And I would be miserable if I denied myself that little everyday luxury. It’s all about making good choices!

I love the atmosphere in City Walk. It feels like being in a “real” city where you can just walk around the streets and choose whatever cute little place you feel like going to.

Demoiselle by Galvin is on of my go-to’s. They have a few healthy options for both breakfast and lunch, but they also do cute desserts and more indulgent dishes, so everyone can choose to have whatever they feel like. Their food is always freshly made and delicious. Plus, they have a nice outdoor seating area where you can watch people walking by and they make great cappuccinos!

Yesterday I had a low fat cappuccino and simple salad with a poached egg, beetroot, walnuts & bread croutons.





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My booty workout (full break down & video!)