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Introducing: Laura Jane

Exciting news!

Let me introduce my friend Laura Jane, who will be contributing to the blog from now on.
I fact, over the course of 2018 we will both be publishing a lot of exciting, original content. The focus of the blog will continue to be on health and fitness, but we will also cover other ways on how to be the best version of YOU. I’m super excited and I hope you will like her posts as much as I do!
I’ll just let her introduce herself now…

Hello everyone,

I’m Laura Jane,27 years old and working alongside the queen herself Amanda Louise in sunny Dubai!!

Funnily enough when we first met we sat at opposite ends of the table, and never even spoke a word to each other!

Infact, I thought she was kinda boring for not joining in the drinking games haha. Little did I know we would end up being BFF’s and I can’t imagine how my Dubai life we be without her. Probably very boring!! Who else would I have called to bail me out of jail?? 😉 (legit funny story to follow).

I studied Occupational Therapy in Glasgow, but decided to follow my passion for fitness, health and started studying part time to become a nutritionist.

Qualifications are great, but what’s even better is the life experience I’ve gained from…

  1. Being so broke I lived on pasta mayo for 1 month
  2. I nearly died when I was 18 years old. Luckily I had the most amazing doctors and surgeons who saved my life, but it was a long recovery.
  3. Coming home from a night out because you spilt red wine over your dress, excited to lie in bed with a Pizza Hut, only to find your building on fire.
  4. I decided to do a bikini show after only 8 months of training… LOL. It didn’t go very well.
  5. Hitting absolute rock bottom. This is where you transform yourself!!

On the other hand, I have had some of the most amazing life experiences which completely out number the bad ones.

All of these things above (there are plenty more), have shaped who am I today, they have made me appreciate how precious life is and how everything can just be taken away from instantly. But also, how amazing life is!!!

Over the course of 2018, we are going to publish lots of cool, authentic content with how to create the best version of yourself.

L J x



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