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High Intensity Band Booty Workout


I woke up feeling very frustrated today, and decided to cope with it in the best way I know… Take it all out in the gym! So that’s what I did.
Not feeling too chatty today, but I’ll share my full workout with you and I encourage you ti give it a go!

I was using the CW Booty Builder in resistance M for this workout. (sponsored product)
I can definitely recommend that you get your own Booty Builder, buuuut you can of course use any type of band you have available. The tighter the band, the ore intense your workout will be.

The Workout:

– 30 min. incline walk 3,5% 6 km/h.
– Tabata 20 sec. ON/10 sec OFF x 8 at 4,5% incline and 12,5-13,5 km/h.


5 rounds:
A1: Band Barbell Backsquat x 10 (30 kg.)
A2: Band Jump Squat x 10 (bodyweight)
A3: Band Side Walk x 15 steps each side

3 sets:
B1: Band Barbell Good Morning x 8-10 (30-40 kg.)
B2: Box Step Up x 10 each leg

I’m sooo sweaty right now and my butt is already getting sore, so I can’t wait to see how I’ll feel over the next few days… Plus I’m in a slightly better mood now ;)


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